Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

PNR is the abbreviation for Passenger Name Record and PNR number is a 10-digit number that you get against every train ticket you book. This number is unique, which means the PNR number for each journey will be different. Irrespective of how you book your ticket – from counters, through IRCTC website, Rail Connect App or third-party websites and apps – your ticket will certainly contain a PNR number. When you make reservations for a group, a single PNR number is given to a maximum of 6 passengers.

Whether you are booking a counter ticket or e-Ticket, all reserved bookings have a PNR number. When you book your tickets online through IRCTC, your PNR number will be on the ERS (Electronic Reservation Slip) and it will also be sent via SMS and email to your registered mobile number and email address. PNR Number on Counter Tickets: For counter tickets, you can find the PNR number printed on the top left corner. Here is an example:

1step:Enter your PNR number in the box. Click the ‘Get Status’ button.
Now, you will get the PNR status of your booking with all ticket information.